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Almost 20K views even thought i hardly update! Thank you m(_ _)m

- About Me -

I am commonly known as Sochii.
On a gaming alter ego, you will prolly find me as "Andelia"
I am super lazy and i procrastinate... a lot. a hell lot.


I'll try to stay active though 8D;;;

- My Deviations -

My deviations are mostly my cosplays .

I would like to thank all who watched me though 8D and for your kind comments.
I cannot thank everyone individually, and i dont want to watch EVERYONE who watch me. So please do not kill me if i do not watch you back, i only want to watch those i truly know or admire.

I like cosplay, but cosplay is NOT my life.

My cosplay so far 2006- Current:

-Stocking (Genderbend)
-Panty [Transformation / Angel ver.]
-Panty [Police ver.]

-Osaki Nana [Red dress ver.]
-Osaki Nana [leopard jacket ver.]

-Okita Souji [Shinsengumi Rasetsu ver.]
-Okita Souji [Shinsengumi ver.]
-Saitou Hajime [Shinsengumi ver.]
-Saitou Hajime [Shinsengumi Rasetsu ver.]

- Seiju Shikibu [White uniform ver.]

-Sebastian Michaelis [kateyoshi ballroom ver.]
-Ciel Phantomhive [blue suit ver]
-Alois Trancy [original ver.]

Macross Frontier
-Sheryl nome [cover ver.]
-Eryl Nome [beach ver. non-official]
-Eryl Nome [pink monsoon]
-Sheryl Nome [Obelisk ver.]

Death Note
- Light

Gundam Seed
- Kira yamato

-Fuchouuin Kazuki

the Gazettte
- Aoi [zetsu PV]

- Oresama

Pokemon Ginjika
- Volbeat

Ludwig Kakumei
- Prince Ludwig
- Federike [sleepin beauty]

Katekiyoshi Hitman Reborn!
- TYL mukuro roukudo [white biz suit]
- TYL mukuro [calender ver]
- TYL Hibari Kyoya [white biz suit]
- TYL mukuro [causual non official]
- TYL Hibari Kyoya [purple biz suit]
- TYL Gokudera [red biz suit]

Junjou Romantica
- Usami Akihiko [black shirt ver.]
- Usami Akihiko [black sweatshirt ver.]

Akazukin Cha Cha
- Riiya

- Yuki Souhma [winter uniform ver.]
- Ayame Souhma

Blaue Rozen
- Akira [B.R uniform ver.]

- Kei [uniform ver.]

Ouran high
- Suou Tamaki [uniform ver.]
- Kaoru Hitachinn [Blue hair uniform ver.]

- Romeo and Cinderella Anima
- Kaito winter [non official version]
- Len [Christmas non-official]
- BlackRockShooter Kaito
- Magnet Kaito
- Magnet Gakupo
- Hagane Gakupo
- Cantarella Miku
- Cantarella Kaito
- Paranoid Doll Black Gakupo
- SandPlay Singing of the Dragon Gakupo
- Kaito [original]
- World is Mine Kaito
- Goth Rin [fanart ver.]
- Secret Police Len
- SeeU genderbend
- Miku [Romeo and Cinderella]

- Hibiki Lates

- Ukyo

Cos recommendations to watch
:iconitchy-hands: :iconraistlin03: :iconcutemichiyo:

Current Residence: EVERYWHEREEEE kufufufu
Favourite style of art: ALL KINDS~~~<3 *coughs*
Skin of choice: WHITESKIN!! *gets bricked by yuuto*
my dA looks dead anyway. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA

First I would like to thank ALL who wished me happy birthday on dA.

They are...
:iconnocturnaldoll: :iconitsmejunko: :iconlittle-kaiyou-kame: :icondefenestratin:
:iconalicetsunrabbit: :iconalicetsunrabbit: :iconemie-ryuzaki:

Secondly, I would like to thank all the viewers, followers, whatever.
I want to thank all the 413 watchers, and people who viewed my page till it reached 15k.
It is not a super huge number unlike others on dA but for a SUPER UNACTIVE DA LIEK MINE... i would say that is quite an achievement 8DDD
Afterall, i've not updated since Aug2010 and its now Sep2011. One whole year, dont I deserve a kick as well as an applause?

Thirdly, i wanna say that, there is still no promises of updates oftenly but today is the day I will update some. Who knows when will be my next update? Maybe Nov2012?? *laughs*
All in all, i hope you guys are going to enjoy the deviations that I am going to post up after this journal.


Lastly, in light of the most recent event.
I would like to express my views here since its targetted cosplay, and facebook and all just doesnt seem the most sane place to post at because everyone is so tensed and defensive over there.
I like the views from deviantartists better because even though there are disagreements *refers to last riot over paid cosplay photoshoot*, people do come to a compromise and everyone ends up seeing from both sides and become acquaintances, if not friends... far from enemies.

In reference to after reading :iconraistlin03: uncle's journal, I would say that taichou has always made awesome journals. Lets give him a round of applause for that *clapclapclap*

So go ahead and read his journal for a much better absorption than my verbal vomit here.

I was one of the contestants *cue:gasupu homg you are one of the sore losers!!*


Anyway, I wasnt one of the hopefuls for winning. The reasons are pretty obvious.
- I wasnt up to it
- I was sick
- I did not practice
- I was retarded *WHAT?*

okok hahahaha enough of excuses.
Honestly, I do admire most of the contestants' effort in the competition, even my partner's :iconitchy-hands:
I felt guilty that I did not even put much into it so I definitely did not think much. Honestly my only thought during winners' announcement was.... SIBEI HUNGWIE [very hungry].

I congratulate all the winners as much as I was not convinced with the results. I believed the winners should have been some other people... the Gintama group got their well-deserved placement though, even though the pulling costume while fighting was extremely funny. I heard the poor dead-master girl fell off the stage twice *ouch*

As for the judges, I am not going to pass much comments on the ridiculous rules and the obvious authority.

However, I happened to chance upon one of the threads in SGCAFE[current trash area] for one of the winner's friend's retort to the "sore losers", whoever they are.
Mentioning about how much was spent on the costume and how much time was spent on rehearsing for the competition, after that proceeding to insult the other contestants. It was a good retort? No, I do not think so.

Personally, I would have just been happy with my prize and avoid the commotion because after all these will all die down.

Mentioning about costume price.
I am sure that ALL cosplayers spend a hefty amount on costumes once in a while. Saying that just doesnt cut it well, everyone knows that cosplaying sucks money from your pocket but do we complain? no. We just try to source out for better deals, and only mention the pricing vaguely if someone asks.  Was spending alot of money on the costume a reason to win?

Mentioning about the time and effort used to train.
EVERYONE HAS TO PUT IN EFFORT FOR A PERFORMANCE, even if it is just ONE HOUR. It cant be helped if they still suck in the end because that is their life. [this one is for those who were insulted]
Lets say... i am training every week for 6 months *cue my loveable boyband peeps* , am i suppose to win WCS in Japan *gwins* thats a good thought there.
Some of the people on that day were also drained to max from rehearsing and creation of props and costumes.

All in all, I did not say that who should NOT win. I just have my favourites of who SHOULD win.
Winners were choosen, results were final.
I dont see a point for the huge hoohaahaahaahaaa *okay that sounds wrong 8D*

IT WAS A EVENT THAT SUCKED. [yea and i participated, shoot me.]
so Y SO SRS 83?

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